strength training for endurance sports

Strength and endurance are intertwined, nearly synonymous. As the great American rock climber Tony Yaniro succinctly said, "Without strength, how can you endure?" We train the whole athlete and in that vein, strength must be emphasized both within and separate to one's sport-specific workouts on the trail or slopes. 

We offer a couple of options for guided strength: we offer an add-on component to an individualized coaching plan; the second is private or semi-private sessions in a gym working with a customized plan to develop the strength aspects helpful to your sport. Each session takes into account your history (or lack thereof) with structured strength training and the specific demands of your sport and particular physiology. Remember: strength training doesn't always mean mass-building! The most efficient strength progression often leads to a reduction in excess body mass as the athlete trains their body to use less muscle more efficiently.

These gym sessions can be conducted at one of two spaces we utilize, in either Capitol Hill or Bryant neighborhoods. Email to schedule a session.



2-3 people for $50/person

4-8 people for $40/person


One session $80

Package discounts available.