Endurance Coaching

Premium Individualized Coaching: $200/month

Plus one-time $75 set up fee

  • Initial consultation to determine optimal training schedule, goals, etc.

  • Long-term/big picture overview of how your season will progress over time

  • Individualized training plan with workout descriptions and intensities uploaded weekly to Training Peaks online software.

  • Baseline testing to determine training intensities, along with periodic re-testing to measure progress

  • Unlimited email, phone and/or Skype communication

Consult: $90

Chat via phone or Skype to refine your training or get answers to any questions you have. Consults are 60 minutes for ample time to discuss new workout ideas, how to get more out of your available training time, incorporate strength training to your plan, nutrition, or anything else. Other topics include mental training, race preparation, local trail routes, gear and shoe questions.

Lactate Testing: $100

We offer comprehensive on-site lactate testing and analysis in our Methow Valley training base. Using a straightforward blood-lactate test we can determine an athlete’s Aerobic and Anaerobic thresholds (AeT and AnT, respectively), which are the two crucial ventilation points we use in prescribing training intensities. Cheaper than a full metabolic test, lactate testing has the advantage of being mobile which allows us the ability the perform the test anywhere from a running trail, a road or track, or the side of a mountain. Whatever your sport, we’ve got you covered.

This simple testing protocol involves a warmup followed by a series of progressive intervals and samplings. Taking a blood lactate sample is very easy and pain-free, using the same sterile lancets used for blood sugar monitoring with diabetics. The sample is then fed into a handheld meter that quickly delivers a result. We use a data set of 8-10 point-readings to derive a lactate curve and analyze it for your two thresholds.

Testing includes administering the test, all the supplies, and follow-up analysis. You’ll go home with a summary of your results and training recommendations based on your unique profile.