sunflower half training group

Training plan starts Feb. 26

Weekly hill workouts on Thursdays at 5pm in Winthrop

Photo by Hannah Dewey Photography.

Photo by Hannah Dewey Photography.

Run a fun race

This inclusive group is for anyone looking to hone in on the half-marathon distance. What better goal than running through fields of flowers? You get a training plan, weekly coached runs, weekly email with training tips, articles and other resources, all leading to the Sunflower half-marathon and relay on May 5.

The weekly coached workouts will be Thursday evenings, focusing on getting you strong on hills.

the plan

We developed a plan specifically for this race. You'll build your running volume, get stronger through strength and intensity workouts, and learn how to stay injury-free with mobility work and proper recovery.

To keep you on schedule we use Training Peaks, the online-based coaching platform we use for all our athletes. You'll be able to track your volume and efforts and watch your fitness build toward the big event.



We'll have a technique clinic part way through training so you can run more efficiently.

Learn to incorporate mobility and recovery techniques into your routine, and how to listen to your body to stay healthy and injury-free. 

You'll get daily feedback on your workouts through the training plan.

join us!

Sunflower Half Training Group

Includes weekly coached group runs, training plan, injury prevention workshop, running technique clinic and shoe demo, and more.

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If you just want the group runs, it's $95.

Weekly Group Coached Runs

Weekly coached hill workout starting the week of Feb. 26.

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Running is always more fun with friends. Photo by Hannah Dewey Photography.

Running is always more fun with friends. Photo by Hannah Dewey Photography.