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Alison Naney

Growing up amid the wheat fields of eastern Oregon, Alison has always been drawn to open spaces. She spent college under the big skies of Montana where she rock climbed, backpacked, and eventually combined the two for big adventure-filled days before finding her true love in trail running. She ran her first trail race in 2000, first 50k in 2003, and has been hooked on long mountain days ever since, exploring wild places and challenging her body and mind.

Her comprehensive coaching approach addresses each aspect of her athletes' training: strength and aerobic fitness, speed, injury prevention, running economy and form, event specific planning, and mental preparation. Her professional background as a massage therapist gives her a deep understanding of the way we move and function, which informs her athletes' individualized workouts.

Alison has recently joined the Uphill Athlete Coaching Team to continue providing comprehensive training to athletes across the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to her coaching, Alison is highly focused on providing all runners with supportive training, the foundational elements of movement, strength, and body work for faster recovery and expanding range and distance capabilities.

Cascade Endurance will continue to build a diverse community of runners who support others in finding their stride.

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