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Are you in the Methow? Come see us in Mazama! We have an office at the Mazama Junction, and we train out of the Mazama Athletic Club to get strong for the mountains. Join us!

Get strong first, then go.


Personal Strength Training

We train runners, skiers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts to get stronger for their sports.

Running Technique Help

Running doesn't have to hurt! Learn personalized cues to run with more ease (and happiness).


Nordic Ski Lessons

Enjoy more of winter with a ski lesson: you'll go farther, with less effort.

Running Technique

Does running beat you up? Pain or injury is a common occurrence among runners, but it doesn't have to be! With the help of a few cues, this fine sport can enrich your life for decades to come, while building strength and resilience. Want to learn how to use poles? A technique session is just for you!


In addition to offering seasonal clinics and classes, we help clients find more ease in their running. Whether you're new to the sport, struggle with injuries, or want to increase your efficiency, refining your form can be hugely beneficial.  The combination of massage and technique work can transform movement patterns, and as such, improve body awareness and increase longevity and enjoyment of the sport.

Email to get started.


Private session: $65*

Semi-private (two people): $50 each

Group (3-4 people): $40 each

*coaching clients get a discounted rate of $50/session

Nordic Ski Lessons

Have you tried skiing (skate or classic) by hopping onto skis and taking off down the trail? It's hard! Don't let that stop you from trying this great sport. While there is cross over with skiing and running, skiing has a much larger technique component, but even one lesson can turn a frustrating outing into a fun, invigorating experience. Sam’s 30 years of skiing experience and keen eye allow him to see the perfect cues to unlock the joys of this lifelong sport. By the end of your lesson, whether you’re new to skiing or honing your racing technique, you’ll move with less effort while going farther and faster in the process.

Email to schedule.



One-on-One: $65

Semi-private (2 participants): $55 per person

Group Lesson (3-5 participants): $50 per person

*Longer lessons are available by request

Our standard lesson location is in Mazama in the upper Methow Valley, but other locations may be used at the discretion of the instructor (additional travel fee may apply).


Strength Training

Building overall strength decreases your chance of injury, and gives you extra capacity for work. Mountain runners, skiers, and climbers in particular, see huge gains from building overall strength so that when you're out doing your sport, you have a reserve to draw from and your activity takes less from your body.

Alison and Sam are both certified Personal Trainers (by National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) respectively) and create programs specifically to meet your mountain and fitness goals. Starting with an assessment to unveil any muscle imbalances, they then put together a personalized program and watch form carefully to ensure you're lifting properly to get the best results.

Personal training sessions are available at the Mazama Athletic Club and Winthrop Fitness.


One on one: $60 per session or pack of 4 for $200

Semi-Private: $35 per person (2 people)

                       $30 per person (3 people)

Small group classes are also available.

Sports Massage

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Methow Massage Therapy specializes in deep tissue, injury treatment, and sports massage right in Mazama. Weekend appointments available; schedule here.

42 Lost River Road
Mazama, WA, 98833
United States

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