Achieve your goals and explore new limits in wild places.

Whether it's a race, peak, trip, or having the fitness to jump at whatever adventure comes your way, we can help.



Comprehensive Coaching

Do you have a goal but aren't sure how to get there? Want to train for an ultra? Are you stuck in a routine and seeing a plateau in your fitness? We help athletes of all abilities turn their goals into a great story through personalized training.



In need of some inspiration or a kick in the pants? Join us for a camp, clinic, technique lesson, or train for a race to share a fun, challenging experience with others.


We are passionate about helping athletes find new limits and explore wild places. Our coaching philosophy blends physiology knowledge, current research, time-tested training principles, and the art of tailoring it to your life and goals.

Individual Coaching

After many years of coaching here, Alison and Sam now coach mountain athletes of all abilities at Uphill Athlete. Want to do more than you thought possible? Check it out.

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I PR’ed my marathon 6 months after having surgery because I started training much smarter with CE’s help.
— Andrea L.
My two goals were to finish the race and not beat up my body in the process. The training schedule and support from CE helped me attain both of those goals even after I was sick and training was set back. CE helped me above and beyond what I expected.
— Dawn M.
I found Cascade Endurance after my second overuse injury as an ultra runner; I had just been diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture and was unable to run when I began working with Alison, but she turned my bench time into an opportunity to correct the imbalances that led to injury. Daily workouts customized for me kept me sane for the three months I couldn’t run. Strategically designed strength and cross-training workouts set me up to come back strong and healthy with the tools to change my stride. I am now running again and feel like I am learning to do it from scratch in a positive way. There are so many subtle nuances vital to the complete training picture that I was unaware of on my own. With Alison’s guidance, I am confident that my goal to return to racing as a healthier, stronger, and faster runner is achievable.
— Jenny L.
For the last three years I have been plagued by one injury after the other, mostly as a result of self and over training. Since I have been following your guidance my training is well rounded and I have not sustained any injuries. I have been running less miles but performing much better than previous years: feeling great and setting PR’s. I could not be happier and feel well prepared for my next adventure.
— Gary P.
My goal was to run my first 50 mile race and to build my training as well as my confidence for going into it. Working with Alison definitely helped me achieve my goal through steadily increasing my endurance and strength. I learned a lot about “focused” training and think this made a huge difference for me in that the hard days were specific and goal focused while the easy days gave me lots of time on the trails/roads building my mileage. I had previously been “putting in the miles” with very little focused training. In the month leading up to the race, I felt stronger than ever and not fatigued all the time like I had been leading up to other races. I learned a LOT about balance in training and that was probably the most beneficial.
— Tara V.
Working with Sam has been a game changer! In the past nine months, my performance has improved measurably. Not only have I placed in the top three in three races, I accomplished seemingly insurmountable goals of running a hundred mile race and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Sam’s coaching has helped me become more consistent with my training and more in tune with my body. When I have questions, Sam is always available with valuable insights and positive energy. He clearly loves what he does, and his energy is infectious. I highly recommend Sam as a coach for anyone who wants to take their running to the next level.
— Jake N.


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