Downhill Trail Running Clinic

January 14, 2018- Squak Mountain

Downhill running is the best part of trail running.

No? If you don't subtract downhill miles or search for races with the most technical descents, have no fear! There is a huge technique component to running downhill and you can improve with a few basic concepts. This clinic will boost your confidence and help you love the downs as much as the ups. And if you don't love the ups, that's for another clinic...

When: January 14, 2018  9am - 11am

Where: Squak Mountain

*Bring your Discover Pass for parking.

Who: Anyone!

Cost: $55 per person ($50 if you pay with a check)

How: Register here, then either send a check to Cascade Endurance, 14 Highland Meadows Rd, Winthrop, WA, 98862, or pay using a credit card with the link below (under the picture).