Endurance Coaching for the Mountains.

Endurance Coaching

It's never too late to start working toward a goal. Whether you have a race, peak, trip, or want the fitness to jump into whatever adventure comes your way, we help you get there. Training with others more your style? We offer programs in the Methow Valley and the greater Seattle area.

Individualized coaching

Training for a race or trip and don't know what to do? Want to break through a plateau? This is for you: completely personalized training with unlimited communication to help you succeed.

Training Groups

We have a race specific training group for the Cutthroat Classic in the Seattle area and the Methow Valley. Meet new running buddies, improve your running with coached group runs, and follow a 12-week plan to get you ready for a great race!

Training plans

From half-marathon to 50k, we have training plans to help you get more fit to accomplish your goal.

Endurance Coaching

Premium Individualized Coaching: $200/month

Plus one-time $75 set up fee

  • Initial consultation to determine optimal training schedule, goals, etc.

  • Long-term/big picture overview of how your season will progress over time

  • Individualized training plan with workout descriptions and intensities uploaded weekly to Training Peaks online software.

  • Baseline testing to determine training intensities, along with periodic re-testing to measure progress

  • Unlimited email, phone and/or Skype communication

Consult: $90

Chat via phone or Skype to refine your training or get answers to any questions you have. Consults are 60 minutes for ample time to discuss new workout ideas, how to get more out of your available training time, incorporate strength training to your plan, nutrition, or anything else. Other topics include mental training, race preparation, local trail routes, gear and shoe questions.

Cutthroat Classic Training Group

The Cutthroat Classic is exactly that: a spectacular alpine run in the North Cascades that epitomizes the beauty and joy of running in the mountains. Climb just over five miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and then start your technical descent down the Cutthroat Creek drainage.

The Plan

We developed a plan specifically designed to help you achieve your goal safely. You'll gradually build your running volume, get stronger through strength workouts, and learn how to keep injury-free with mobility work and proper recovery.

To keep you on schedule we use Training Peaks, the online-based coaching software we use for all our athletes. You'll be able to track your volume and efforts and watch your fitness build toward the big event!


The Group

Whether you live in the Seattle area or in the Methow, we have a group for you. Planning a visit one way or the other? Join the other group to stay on track.

Each week we'll focus on a different aspect of trail running: overall technique, hills, technical trails, strength, injury prevention, recovery, and more. You'll have lots of support with a group trail run each week, as well as a private FB group to ask questions and stay connected and help you reach your goal, the Cutthroat Classic, on August 26th. The first group run will be June 11.

Join Us!

Sign up by clicking the link below. We look forward to seeing you in June! Questions? Email alison@cascadeendurance.com.

Cutthroat Classic Trail Running Training Group

A 12-week training plan, and coached group trail run at various locations in the Seattle area, and Methow Valley.

What's Included:

  • 12-week custom training plan
  • Online platform and app to track progress and communicate with your coach
  • Weekly group runs
  • Weekly email with training, injury prevention, and recovery tips, articles, and more
Beauty awaits!

Beauty awaits!

Training Plans

Do you need guidance to reach a goal race or adventure? Our plans will help you build up your fitness and give you confidence to get there.

If you have the accountability to get workouts done and know when to adjust things based on how your body feels, a training plan can be a great way to try some new workouts, and progress in different ways. Please remember that training plans by definition can't be completely personalized, so modify based on your history and how your body responds. Questions? Email info@cascadeendurance and we can help you out.

Cle Elum Ridge 50k 12-week Training Plan                       $75

Cle Elum Ridge 50k 12-week Training Plan                       $75

Cutthroat Classic Training Plan                                           $50

Cutthroat Classic Training Plan                                           $50

Sunflower Half-Marathon 8-week Training Plan              $50

Sunflower Half-Marathon 8-week Training Plan              $50

Running Technique

While we have all probably been running since we learned to walk, pain or injury is a common occurrence without proper running technique. With the help of a few cues, however, this fine sport can enrich your life for decades to come, while building strength and resilience. Want to learn how to use poles? A technique session is just for you!

In addition to offering seasonal clinics and classes, we help clients find more ease in their running. Whether you're just starting to run, get recurring injuries, or want to increase your efficiency, refining your form can be hugely beneficial.  The combination of massage and technique work can transform movement patterns, and as such, improve body awareness and increase longevity and enjoyment of the sport.

Ready to schedule? Click here.


Private session: $65*

Semi-private (two people): $50 each

Group (3-4 people): $40 each

*coaching clients get a discounted rate of $60/session

Nordic Ski Lessons

Nordic (cross-country) skiing is a lifelong sport for everyone. Whether you’ve spent time on snow before or not, it’s the perfect cross training for summer pursuits, and is a fantastic way to magically get stronger while gliding through winter landscapes.

If you’ve ever tried skiing (skate or classic) by hopping onto skis and taking off down the trail, you may have noticed one tiny problem: skiing is hard. While there is much cross over with skiing and running, skiing has a much larger technique component, which can make taking advantage of the winter an exhausting and unsatisfying task. With even one lesson, however, you can turn a frustrating outing into a fun, invigorating experience. Sam’s 30 years of skiing experience and keen eye allows him to see the perfect cues to unlock the joys of this lifelong sport. By the end of your lesson, whether you’re new to skiing or honing your racing technique, you’ll move with less effort while going farther and faster in the process.

Schedule your next lesson here. We also have a couple of clinics planned if you like a bigger group setting.



One-on-One: $65

Semi-private (2 participants): $55 per person

Group Lesson (3-5 participants): $50 per person

*Longer lessons are available by request

Our standard lesson location is in Mazama in the upper Methow Valley, but other locations may be used at the discretion of the instructor (additional travel fee may apply).