Cascade Endurance offers mini-clinics and training sessions to give purpose and methodology to your training regimen. These clinics focus on specific techniques to to support your current training, and offer modifications for varied experiences and goals. Give us a half-day or evening and get your training past the plateau. 

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes
Skate Ski Clinics

Strength for Endurance Clinics

This series of clinics will walk you through proper form for lifting and give you a repertoire of core, hip, and stability exercises to support your mountain adventures. For runners, climbers, hikers, or anyone else looking to more more efficiently. 

2019 Date Coming Soon


Beginner and Intermediate Skate Clinic

This beginner's clinic will take you through the trails around Snoqualmie Pass. You'll learn how to move down the trail without bonking after five minutes, and find the joy of gliding through a winter landscape.

The intermediate clinic will help you hone your technique to go faster with less effort. You should have an understanding of V1, V2, and V2 alternate for this clinic. If those terms mean nothing to you, the beginner one is for you!

2019 Date Coming Soon

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Downhill Trail Running Clinic

Downhill running is the best part of trail running.

No? If you don't subtract downhill miles or search for races with the most technical descents, have no fear! There is a huge technique component to running downhill and you can improve with a few basic concepts. This clinic will boost your confidence and help you love the downs as much as the ups. And if you don't love the ups, well, that's for another clinic...

2019 Date Coming Soon


Backcountry Ski Prep Clinic

Jump-start your training for Backcountry touring and Ski-mo so when the snow flies, you're ready! More Information coming soon.

(Coming Fall 2019)