NW Trail Runs Winter Series Training Plan

Want to get faster this winter? After a long season of running long distances, speed often becomes a distant memory. Winter is the perfect time to get some of it back, and our friends at NW Trail Runs put together a great series of shorter races to motivate you to get out on a cold, rainy, weekend morning, all in time for a post-race brunch. Ranging from 4k to half-marathon distances, the series gives you a quality workout that is difficult to get on a solo training run. And they're fun.

We put together a 14-week training plan to use the Winter Series runs as quality efforts, along with a track progression and supplemental training to build your strength, running economy, and overall fitness through the winter months. We have a group run option for the track workouts, as well, so you get the added benefit of friends pushing you.

Ready? Set? Let's GO!

14-Week Training Plan                                                                                                                  $75

14-Week Training Plan                                                                                                               $75