It's been a year of transitions, and the latest installment is that Alpenglow Running is becoming Cascade Endurance. When Sam and I first started our coaching and events business in the Methow, we named it Methow Endurance. Once we moved west, Sam took a break from private coaching to focus on Momentum Northwest, the non-profit junior ski program of which he is the program director and head coach. As such, I took the reigns on the business and developed the current offerings and brand. Now that MNW is up and running smoothly, Sam is ready to take on a few coaching clients, and we're going back to our roots (kind of), with Cascade Endurance. Sam's wealth of endurance knowledge means that we can broaden what we provide to include coaching for skiers and mountain athletes as well as runners.

We have loads of ideas to roll out in the months to come that we're really excited about, but in the meantime, we couldn't keep the cat out of the bag about our name. You can find us on the web at our websiteFacebook, Twitter (@cascadeendure), Movescount, and join our mailing list to keep current on what we are up to. We hope you'll join us!

Alison NaneyComment