Trail Talks: 4-Week Series

Join me for four evenings to chat all things trail running. We'll meet in the Fremont Space building, 600 N. 36th St. #212. Each class is $10 (or $35 for all four) and gets you light refreshments and entered into a raffle.

The first will be March 24 to discuss the broad question: what is training? You'll learn about the physiology of running and how to structure your training to continue to improve, while being easier on your body.

March 31 will deal with strength training, and you'll learn a few key exercises to make you a stronger runner.

We'll take a little break until April 28, when we'll jump into the huge topic of nutrition and fueling. This will not be what specific foods you should eat or not eat, but rather what your body needs before, after, and during runs. There will, however, be some recipes for foods on the go. If you have a favorite to share, bring it!

Finally, May 5 we'll discuss prepping for a successful race. After all the training, time and money you invest for a race, you want to make sure to do what you can to make the day a good one. We'll talk about the day before, of and after your big day so you can rest easy the night before, have a good run, and then recover quickly.

Space is limited to ten, so sign up early to ensure your spot. You can do that here, or email me to put your name down.