First Trail Half Training Group

Are you curious about trails but not sure how to get started? Look no further. We are excited to offer a training plan with group runs each week, starting in the new year. 

Becoming one with the trail at Tiger Mountain. 

Becoming one with the trail at Tiger Mountain. 

The nine-week training plan will safely prepare you to run your first trail half-marathon, at the Spring Run for Fun at Redmond Watershed. Put on by our friends at NW Trail Runs, the race is perfect for introducing you to trails without having to travel too far afield. This custom plan incorporates hills, core and other strength exercises, and free Sunday group trail runs at various locations to practice trail technique, ask questions, and just plain have fun with other runners. Additionally, you can join our club runs on Tuesday nights for more group interaction. 

Get a bonus week of training if you sign up before December 30th; official training kicks off on January 3rd with a run at Discovery Park with the wonderful Jaime Clark. We want to make sure everyone gradually increases training volume, so you should be able to run an hour and a half by the first run. 

We're also offering a killer deal on club membership through this training. Club members receive discounts around town in the running and the broader endurance community, discounts on any of our events or classes, and a custom tech or casual shirt. 

Register here. Questions? Email Happy Training!