Monthly Time Trials

One of the things I loved when living here before, about ten years ago, was doing a threshold run once a week with a group of friends. We were all different paces, but we would run a warm up more or less together, and then do our respective workouts. Some would run more miles, some less. Last year I was looking forward to doing those again, but with a littl'un dependent on my body, it was difficult to get away early unless I got up wicked early to feed her first. And let's be honest: that wasn't going to happen. 

With fall firmly here and the peak racing season behind us, it seems like a good time to put in some consistent uphill time to build base fitness and strength. As such, we're inviting all of our friends (you) to join us the first Friday morning of each month on the Chirico trail in Issaquah. Timing will be up to you, but if you send it to us, we'll keep track on our website so you can see how you compare over time. You can go for as many laps as you want, but the first one (well, I guess it could be whichever is your fastest one) is what counts. All levels welcome! I, for one, will be attempting to keep my ego in check and stick to doing the trail at a controlled intensity so it will truly be base building and not peaking for winter. But if you're training for skiing or a winter race, get after it! Our hope is that once a month we can share an early, dark, possibly rainy morning with others. 

We'll start at 7am, but if you need to start earlier, please do so, and we'll see you on your way down. Other info is on our FB event page

Trail info and Directions.

Hope to see you out there!