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Every coach contributes a distinct background and expertise in compliment to the Cascade Endurance principles. Collaboration is key to building a customized training plan for each client as experiences, needs, style of training vary. You’ll work closely with a Cascade Endurance coach suited to your training goals.

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Alison Naney

Alison Naney

Founder & Owner, Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist

Growing up amid the wheat fields of eastern Oregon, Alison has always been drawn to open spaces. She spent college under the big skies of Montana where she rock climbed, backpacked, and eventually combined the two for big adventure-filled days before finding her true love in trail running. She ran her first trail race in 2000, first 50k in 2003, and has been hooked on long mountain days ever since, exploring wild places and challenging her body and mind.

Her comprehensive coaching approach addresses each aspect of her athletes' training: strength and aerobic fitness, speed, injury prevention, running economy and form, event specific planning, and mental preparation. Her professional background as a massage therapist gives her a deep understanding of the way we move and function, which informs her athletes' individualized workouts. When not coaching, she runs her business Methow Massage Therapy and frolicks and competes in 5k-100 mile races in her backyard North Cascades and across the mountains of the west.

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Sam Naney

Owner, Coach

Hailing from the Methow Valley, Sam started endurance training for cross-country skiing shortly after learning to walk. His passion of the sport took him to Dartmouth College where he raced all four years before returning to the Methow to race on the national and international professional circuit. After retiring from racing in 2014, he spent two years leading a junior Nordic ski racing team in Seattle before joining Alison full-time with Cascade Endurance.

Sam transfers his deep understanding of endurance and strength training to his coaching of runners, backcountry skiers and other mountain athletes. His clients notice performance improvements by developing a strength reserve that translates to greater economy and efficiency, especially on mountain terrain. In his off time, he applies his experience to race mountain trails in both the winter and summer, and pursues all manners of mountain activity, most happily alongside his family and friends overlooking some epic North Cascades vista. While he is currently not taking on new clients, he can be reached at

Brianna Graves


For as long as she can remember, Bri was pulled toward trails and running in a passionate way. Through her own story of going from injury-prone to injury-free, Bri's passion to see others find their own success story drives her coaching. She deeply believes that running can not only be pain-free, but can be the most freeing experience of your life, and she strives to help other runners reach that place as well.

In 2012 Bri discovered the ultra-marathon and delved into the subject with a deep calling to run one. Between 2013 and 2015 she backpacked nearly 5,000 miles on long-distance trails while running in the off seasons, and finally ran her first 50k in 2016. Since then, she has continued to run several 50k-100 mile races each year, and additionally has completed many self-supported backcountry runs and fast-packing/backpacking trips each summer, all injury-free.

You will most likely find Bri running through the hills and mountains near her home in the Methow Valley and surrounding areas, always full of joy and gratitude to live an active life outdoors. 

Jaime Clark

Head Seattle Coach

Jaime will never forget her first trail experience. While at Seattle University's cross country team summer training camp at Crystal Mountain, coached by Trisha and Uli Stiedl, everyday was the hardest and longest run she had ever done. It was also the first time she really felt connected to running, falling in love with the tempo of trails: the burst of fast down hills and slow, exhausting uphills. In the year's since, she's run many 50ks and one 60k, most with a ton of elevation gain on beautiful PNW trails. After an overuse injury in 2014, she began working with Alison at Cascade Endurance to learn to train a new way by listening to her body and adding components like strength training, hill work, and recovery runs to her training. Since then, Jaime has become a role model for balancing running and life; she coaches beginning runners through Fleet Feet Sports' training programs; and is our training group guru. She is constantly inspired by runners taking on new challenges.

A social worker by trade, her philosophy is holistic: she believes that trail running and your life are connected and loves helping people find where they merge. Jaime is passionate about helping people reveal their hidden narratives and can't wait to see you all on the trail!